Information on Planning and Building Abroad

Country Information Database Information on Planning and Building Abroad

NAX has collected – sorted by country – relevant foreign trade information, such as conditions for working and residence, possible fee orders and useful contact addresses. Just click on the appropriate continent and then select the country or region from the list. Normally, all information will be provided in the respective national language or in German.
Additionally, we have listed so called ‘contact architects’ on the single country pages who are ready to help their colleagues with advice for working in the respective country.
The information a network can provide is always as good as the knowledge that is given to it by its members. That’s why we ask you to send us further information about the countries and give us hints in case any our information should be misleading.


Become a contact architect:

If you want to be registered as an architect in our contact database, please send us your contact information as well as country and project information by E-Mail, or register online.


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