NAX went China II: Pecha Kucha Event

Pecha Kucha Kick-Off Event in Beijing 31/10/2018

© NAX, photographer: LI Xin

Pecha Kucha Kick-Off Event


The core event of the delegation trip in Beijing was the Workshop “Cautious Urban Renewal- Innovative Urban and Environmental Planning for Megacities in China“ which took place on 1.11.2018 in the conference rooms of the German Centre Beijing. In order to give participants the possibility to get to know each other and to exchange first ideas already previuos to the workshop, NAX organised - with the support of the German-Chinese architectural firm crossboundaries and partner Constellations International - a lively Pecha Kucha – Connecting Evening as a Kick Off to the workshop on the evening of the 31st of October 2018.

Here, the participants of the workshop could present themselves and their expertise on sustainable urban development in a 5-minute presentation in Pecha Kucha format (15 Slides à 20 seconds). The special presentation format which allowed only for images in rapid foil sequence and the inspirational atmosphere of the crossboundaries office set the framework for a diverting and entertaining evening, which ideally attuned the participants to the following intensive workshop day.


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