The NAX Team

An operating network constantly has to be revised, carefully maintained and extended.

Main actors of the Network for Architecture Exchange NAX are the participating export oriented architects’ offices, foreign trade organisations and institutions and our media partners. NAX is the crucial centre where all threads come together, where information is collected, processed and distributed. It is the pool for discussing, planning, organising, analysing and finally distributing the results and gathered knowledge. The criterion for the NAX team is vivid communication and organisation. We would like to introduce them briefly: 

In Berlin,  we are constantly developing NAX further. Please contact us at any time and ask any question you might have about NAX. We organise events, keep contact with all NAX members and are the first contact point. Members and sponsors get all necessary information they ask for. Public relations is an integral part of our work at NAX. On the one hand we want to increase the familiarity of NAX by intensive media activities and thus increase the success of NAX. On the other hand we want to keep all members of NAX informed about news and the latest developments.

We appreciate any kind of question or suggestion.



Our Team

© Chrisitan Kruppa, Berlin


Since 2017 Claudia Sanders coordinates the NAX activities and projects. She is first contact person within NAX and responsible for external communication, event management and the acquisition of new members and sponsors. She has been working with the Bundesarchitektenkammer since 2005, until 2013 als project manager in the Brussels office.
phone: +49 - 30 - 26 39 44 - 62


© Christian Kruppa, Berlin


Since 2016 Melanie Läge supports the NAX team. She studied Information and Communication Science and supports NAX with her experience in event management and public relations.
phone: +49 - 30 - 26 93 44 - 65



© Mies Rogmans


Since 2017 Friederike Schönhardt has been supporting NAX in the areas of event management and public relations. She studied media and political communication in Berlin and completes the team with her experience in corporate communication and construction PR.
phone: +49 - 30 - 26 93 44 - 61



Do you have any questions or suggestions?
We are available Monday to Friday
from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

phone: +49 - 30 - 26 39 44 - 62


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