CONTEMPORARY ARCHITECTURE. MADE IN GERMANY. Exhibition of the Network for Architecture Exchange (NAX) of the Federal Chamber of German Architects


Under the auspices of the Federal Chamber of German Architects (BAK) Network for Architecture Exchange (NAX), 35 of Germany’s leading architectural practices have tackled the challenges of modern global life. They developed potential solutions that they then put into practice within the context of real, existing construction projects. The result is a touring exhibition that, over the next two years, aims to set new milestones in global architectural discourse. NAX is a growing association of German planners who have achieved international success. We not only facilitate contact between colleagues based in Germany and abroad, but also bring together planners, developers and investors around the world.


Here at NAX, we see ourselves as being an active ambassador for German building culture. As part of this mission, we are regularely present at international trade fairs and events.


Our exhibition was accompanied in Paris and in China by a television team of Deutsche Welle:

"German architects tackle global issues", coverage Deutsche Welle


"German architects tackle global issues"
Did you know that part of China's National Library and a St. Petersburg hospital were built by German architects? Architecture firms in Germany are expanding in developing markets by solving modern urban problems.
The coverage from Paris can be found here in english and in german.


© Deutsche Welle

"What does German architecture accomplish in China?" coverage Deutsche Well


What does German architecture accomplish in China?
Class instead of mass, quality instead of quantity, German architects represent these aspects in China. Kultur.21 talks with German and Chinese architects about the highly competitive construction market and shows successful examples.
Take a look at the coverage from the Deutsche Welle in China here.


We are especially pleased that the exhibition has been nominated for the German Design Award 2016.



The exhibition brochure:


We would like to thank our partners who assisted us with the project’s realisation:


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