The globalisation of the 21st century has been accompanied by profound economic and social change across all continents. As part of this process, architecture and urban planning are faced with the task of giving these occasionally rapid changes in people’s ways of living and working a constructional form. But global development does not follow a single unified pattern. While the western industrial nations are having to tackle the consequences of demographic change, the emerging and developing nations are faced with the challenges of industrialisation and urbanisation. But here as well as there, architects and planners are needed who are able to meet the complex demands of the built environment with new ideas and solutions. 

German architects are in demand across the whole world – both for planning buildings and also for the conception and implementation of urban development masterplans. With their image as reliable and responsible partners of the builders and developers, and an approach to design that values economic efficiency as much as beauty, they characterise the brand ‘Architecture Made in Germany’.

This touring exhibition uses the example over 80 projects to demonstrate the contemporary achievements of German architects in the following areas:


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