Making a difference

Making a difference


© photos © KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten (Kirsten Bucher, Frankfurt) und Meuser Architekten


The success of a building project depends on many factors: It begins with a good design and intelligent planning that looks at everything right down to the smallest detail. It continues via carefully selected partners and companies, and includes an efficiently organised construction phase, along with the regulation of all technical and administrative processes. Anyone engaging German architectural practices and planners for a construction project can be assured that responsibility for these complex tasks and processes remains in just one pair of hands – those of the architect.


"German architects accompany you all the way: from the first sketch to turnkey solutions. Their work isn’t usually restricted to just a certain phase of the construction works. It usually commences before the actual contract has been awarded, and even by completion of the building, still isn’t completed."


When awarded a contract, German architects assume personal responsibility for the project’s success. The service they provide is not anonymous. Instead, they progress the project in cooperation with developers and clients, specialist planners and other stakeholders on site. And so, as part of a communicative process in which ideas and expectations are linked with the achievable, economic factors and the social and cultural conditions applicable to the site, something new arises: good architecture.


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