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LANXESS - Main Partner of NAX

Use of exposed concrete for colored wall, facade and roofing elements has been taking creative architecture by storm in recent years. LANXESS is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the field of inorganic pigments. The company’s color-stable, weather-resistant Bayferrox® iron oxide pigments and Colortherm® chrome oxide pigments are superbly suited for brilliant, long-lasting and environmentally safe coloration of architectural concrete. 

Color is playing an increasingly important role in daily life as a versatile design element. The color spectrum of pigments from LANXESS ranges from yellow and red, to green and brown, and all the way to black. Over 100 different shades of the individual colors are available. These products make it possible to achieve aesthetic, safe and lasting design effects in building materials, such as in-situ concrete, prefabricated concrete components, roofing tiles and paving blocks, and even colored asphalt.



Daum Space.1, KO. Architekt: Minsuk Cho


Pigments from LANXESS are a great choice for realizing infrastructure projects that are both functional and creative, and for creating aesthetic architectural solutions that aim to harmoniously integrate buildings into their natural surroundings. For many years now, the LANXESS Colored Concrete Works® initiative has been inspiring architects and builders around the world to combine contemporary architecture with colored concrete. The initiative also offers forums and symposiums that provide a platform for sharing ideas and discussing ways to color concrete with pigments and use it creatively.


LANXESS also regularly presents the Colored Concrete Works Award to architects who have distinguished themselves in their innovative use of colored concrete on projects worldwide.



Soccer City Stadium ZA. Architect: Bob van Bebber, Boogertman Urban Edge + Partners


All products from the LANXESS Inorganic Pigments business unit are distinguished by their high quality and simple, standards-compliant and environmentally compatible processing. Concrete integrally colored with LANXESS Bayferrox® & Colortherm® pigments does not fade thanks to the remarkable durability and resistance of these products. Examples of extraordinary reference buildings at locations around the world that have been built using colored concrete can be found at www.colored-concrete-works.com.



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