Our Project Partner AIC International

NAX Project Partner AIC International

AIC is an international and independent insurance broker for the real estate industry with focus on major planning- and real estate risks, as well as for contractors, operating companies, property developers, project developers, portfolio holders and investors.

AIC is a 100% family owned company based in Berlin. Founded in 1998 by Alexander Köhler, AIC has offices nationwide with highly qualified personnel for individual insurance solutions in the construction business. Multilingual contract specialists and lawyers accompany the interests of all AIC clients from the initial contact through the organization of an insurance program until the settlement of claims. In order to meet the special requirements beyond national borders, in 2008 the AIC Global Solutions GmbH was founded as a competent support and extension to the comprehensive services offered by the AIC KG. As an international operating insurance broker AIC has an extensive experience with foreign risks. Therefore AIC can rely on a large network of competent insurers and cooperation partners.

AIC sees its superior knowledge not only in the organization of national or international liability and property insurance programs for the construction segment, but also in the conception of MultiRisk-/AllRisk-insurances for large property risks like building portfolios, infrastructure projects or Green Technologies.

With the additional benefits (e.g. contract evaluation, model contracts, damage reports or support in the selection of specialized lawyers or consultants) AIC offers its customers a secure foundation for the daily work or even for difficult tasks. AIC customers can rely on critical reviews of insurers in respect to own property and settlement procedures. AIC is not only called an "independent insurance broker" - AIC is one!

AIC performance

  • Development, tender, coordination and supervision of international insurance programs.
  • Placement of special insurances abroad.
  • International risk, consultancy and claims management.
  • Regular audit, evaluation and reporting of existing insurance contracts.


Contact AIC directly: AIC Architekten Ingenieur Consult Köhler & Co. KG (Headquarter), keyword: Architekturexport / Auslandsabteilung, telefone +49 (0)30 210029 60, email: info@aic-international.de



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