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AIC is an international insurance broker in the real estate industry with focus on planning and real estate risks and the design of multi-risk/all-risk covers for large asset value risks. As insurance experts & risk consultants, we see ourselves as a competent and experienced contact for architects, engineers, general planners, building owners as well as for associations and freelancers.



Competition win: the new RLB Campus in Linz/Austria is being built according to the winning design made by ©HENN


Since 1998, multilingual contract specialists and lawyers have been looking after the interests of our clients from the initial contact through the preparation of an insurance program until the settlement of claims. At our 4 locations (Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich) we employ highly qualified personnel for individual insurance solutions in the construction industry. Our years of experience in the insurance of general planners and leading architects helps both clients and planners to recognize risks and to guarantee the best coverage! For special requirements beyond national borders, AIC Global Solutions GmbH was founded in 2008 as a competent support and extension of the extensive range of services. In order to continue the process of internationalization, AIC Swiss AG was founded in February 2020 with its headquarters in Zurich.


© Gerber Architekten

AIC as a strong partner: new office complex in the Central Business Area in Jinan, China made by ©Gerber Architekten


By using state-of-the-art technology as well as our own software and product development, we ensure short processing times while at the same time providing valuable and transparent insurance solutions. With the additional services (e.g. insurance-related contract reviews, sample contracts, claims reports or support in the selection of specialized lawyers or experts) AIC offers its clients a secure foundation in their daily work and even for their most difficult tasks.



Overview of AIC services for international projects:

  • Development, tendering, coordination and supervision of international insurance programs,
  • Placement of special covers abroad,
  • International risk management, consulting and claims settlement,
  • Regular review, evaluation and reporting of existing insurance contracts.

Contact us: AIC Architekten Ingenieur Consult Köhler & Co. KG, Keyword: Architectural Export / Foreign Department, Phone +49 (0)30 210029 60, Email: info@aic-international.de

Further information can be found at www.aic-international.de

Information on finances and insurance
A collection of concrete information from AIC International on insurance and financing when entering new international markets, as well as information on issues such as insurance coverage and legal implications of the Corona pandemic, can be found on our website.



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