NAX Report 04/18: NAX-Partner GEZE: Building Information Modelling (BIM) – Complete Door Planning is Now Even Easier

NAX-Partner GEZE Building Information Modelling (BIM) – complete door planning is now even easier

Using GEZE BIM objects for the door technology program, construction projects can now be designed and implemented even faster, easier and more safely. GEZE is constantly developing its solution for Building Information Modelling (BIM), adding new features and making it fit for international requirements.



Complete door system, screenshot taken from the Revit CAD program.


Door product group made easy
The company’s strength lies in thinking in terms of products and software solutions as well as services for their customers and partners. They join projects very early on and remain involved for longer. That's why architects no longer have to regard the door product group as one of the most complex components, especially in larger buildings with multifunctional door systems. Individually produced GEZE BIM objects facilitate holistic, comprehensive and efficient door planning in all project phases, from the initial idea, planning and execution to operation and potential dismantling.

BIM door objects for all common CAD programs
As a system provider and specialist in door and safety technology, GEZE provides BIM door objects for the following CAD systems:

  • Autodesk Revit
  • Graphisoft Archicad
  • Nemetschek Allplan

Architects, planners and specialists such as GEZE consultants can work together to design doors.

Five elements for complete door planning
The GEZE BIM solution is characterised by the fact that five multifunctional basic types are sufficient as virtual BIM objects. This allows all doors, inlcuding

  • swing doors
  • sliding doors
  • revolving doors
  • as well as attachments: door drives or door closers

to be configured and displayed in the CAD system, and integrated into the virtual building model. Stored logics provide door planning through available product features. This ensures high planning security even during the early planning phases.




Working together on one model
Another significant advantage of GEZE BIM objects is that everyone involved in building planning can work together in a structured way on the 3D models of the projects created. This allows information to be exchanged at the earliest possible stage, and errors to be detected and corrected immediately.

Door or element lists at the touch of a button
GEZE BIM objects are compatible with the leading CAD programs. A complete door object is always issued, not just an attachment. Incorrect attachment positioning or mounting positions are therefore eliminated. As a result, reliable door or element lists can be generated at the touch of a button and can be created safely while also saving time.

BIM constantly develops - continued optimisation
GEZE connects all the project participants, supports customers and partners with know-how and always remains part of the dialogue. This ensures that the GEZE solution for Building Information Modelling continues to evolve constantly and meets national as well as international requirements.

Revit in four languages - country-specific expansion possible
GEZE BIM objects are now available for the most common CAD program Revit                                                           

  • and are even more easily usable in
    • German
    • English
    • French
    • Spanish

A further advantage: Revit projects can be expanded with country-specific information.



Complete element properties are also shown alongside 3D data.


The ‘door library’
Door libraries are a new feature of the most popular CAD software solutions. Architects and planners can profit from preconfigured door solutions, for instance entrance solutions in different basic variants. This makes door planning easier and clearer.

GEZE BIM objects are available for download at or The GEZE BIM experts will gladly answer any further questions. Email:


GEZE BIM objects - easier planning at a glance

  • all door solutions can be generated with five basic types
  • usable for all common CAD programs
  • easy and comfortable to use
  • flexibly usable in every project phase
  • individually adaptable depending on the country or project
  • new door libraries for all common CAD programs
  • complete door or element lists at the touch of a button
  • usable offline and without plug-in
  • GEZE experts can share their experience with planning offices.
  • decisions can be incorporated in the door solution at any time.

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